2008: rethink Conference

The idea of the Market was explored during the Rethink Conference in 2008, which is hosted annually by the Environment Committee and provides an opportunity to discuss and prioritize environmental issues at McGill. The Market was formed using an ad-hoc method, drawing on support from students, faculty, and staff.

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2009: The First Market

The first Market took place in Fall 2009 in Three Bares Park. It’s first student coordinators were Reva Eskinazi and Cynthia Beaudry. In 2010, the Market moves from Three Bares Park to McTavish Street, establishing weekly operating hours on Thursdays from 12-5p.


2011: Inception of CSA Program

In 2011, the McGill Farmers’ Market launches its first Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. The Market offered twenty baskets to students, faculty, and staff. After a successful first year, the Market doubles the number of baskets offered through our CSA program in 2012.


2015: the kohlrabi collective

Market Coordinator, Matthew McCormick, undertakes an applied student research project that leads to the inception of the Kohlrabi Collective. The Collective seeks to establish self-reinforcing partnerships and overcome group challenges through collaboration between the Market, Organic Campus, and MSEG. At the 6th Annual Catalyst Awards, the Kohlrabi Collective is recognized by the McGill Office of Sustainability with the Catalyst Award for Student Research.